@Ron Couldn’t agree more! 😊

@Ron Thanks for this Ron. These are the kind of interactions that I live for in this hyper-connected world. There are other things I live for of course, but this type of unexpected interaction is quite sweet. Thanks again!

@rosemaryorchard Great review! Really glad a company like Anker went in on these, and even happier that you found them to work well. I’ll definitely be snagging a few of these.

@manton LOVE the ability to edit posts from within the apps now! Thank you!

@manton BIG thanks for the new theme framework for m.b. Really loving the potential! Also, thanks for fixing the previous little issues I had with my theme (top nav being universal across all pages being the biggie). Really appreciate it!

@macgenie Aw, well, I hope it all goes well and everyone’s safe. I often joke that the city of Durham has one plow and a salt shaker causing one inch of snow to basically be a foot! It is awful pretty to watch though (sigh)...

@macgenie This how it is in North Carolina 48 hours before 1 inch of snow may or may not hit us in the next 24 hours. :)

@Aleen You hit the nail right on the head I think. At least there are a few concrete, outdated bits that I could easily change (like physical location). It’s the least I could do to get started.

@Aleen ugh... me too. 😔 It’s been a rescheduled item in OmniFocus for weeks now. Why is it so hard to do?

@ChrisJWilson thanks! 😌

@Manton (or anyone really) I’ve been using a redesigned version of the Kiko theme for my M.B site and I’ve noticed that on pages the top main nav does not display (and on my Archive page nothing in the top header displays). Did I miss something? Is there something I can do to make them show up properly site-wide?

Thanks as always! 🙏🏻

@manton @cleverdevil Seconding everyone else! This is such a great add-on to the platform. A note for everyone else, it does take some time for the page to propagate and become active on your site.

Just the add page, add the JS and then make a cup of coffee or drink a glass of water. It’ll be up by the time you get back. 😊👍🏼

@ChrisJWilson Yeah, I honestly didn't know how their policy would even work much less what I was getting back. It was a cool little “experiment”.

Customer service couldn't have been more transparent and clear too.

@thaddeushunt @512px didn’t you snag a couple of 10 year hoodies? Or am I hallucinating. 😊😬

@simonwoods Gotta add to the “What!?!” responses here. This is great. I had no idea! Thanks for the heads up. 👍🏼

@manton Thanks for looking into it. 🙏🏻 I know you have a full plate.

@manton I’m sure this has been brought up a bazillion times but, are there any plans to change the authentication method for non-app M.B? I’ve had the email frequently arrive in my inbox as much as 15 minutes later. That’s a really long time. Of course, allowing me to make simple edits in iOS would also remedy my need to login as much. Was just curious if there were plans to make this easier.

@cheri Ditched FB a while ago (HUGE gains in general life happiness, even at the unfortunate expense of letting a few valued connections go). Instagram is still a creative outlet for me for my own photography and keeping up with other similarly-mind creative types. Twitter remains my source for daily news, but I’d ditch it happily for other avenues if they came even remotely close to the curation I’ve laid out.

@danielpunkass I started doing it in my lat 30's and haven't stopped (now in my 40’s). Not sure what's up either as I too am not in any kind of discomfort! My father did/does it as well. Maybe it's hereditary? 🤔😉

@manton I get the reluctance to add Jetpack to your WP site. It adds a ton of bloat, and it’s also a Swiss Army knife that can, sometimes, tear a site down unexpectedly during updates because it’s got its finger in too many pies. I’ve purposely moved more than a few clients away from it.

@manton That’s all I can ask for. Thanks for considering and hopefully implementing it. 😌

@Manton any chance you’ll ever implement and annual subscription level? Would love to pay for M.B that way.

@simonwoods Such a great album that, for me anyways, gets better and better after each listen. Love it!

@manton Understood. Thanks for considering it. My daily workflow has me often shifting between both devices and sync would be great for allowing me to consider leaning into using Sunlit a bit more.

@manton Do stories in Sunlit not sync between devices? Noticing they currently don’t between my iPhone and iPad. 🤔