About Tad

Where am I from?

I am from New England!  Born in New Hampshire, but lived most my life in a very rural part of Vermont. In 2001, my wife and I moved to North Carolina and have been here ever since. Currently, we live in a tiny apartment in the middle of downtown Durham, NC. We really love it here!

I am a writer…

I started writing stories in crayon when I was a kid, but then realized pencils with their erasers were much more forgiving, so I made friends with them. All of that changed though when I discovered my mom’s electric typewriter and fell in love with it’s ability to keep up with the ideas in my head. Since then, a keyboard of one kind or another, has always been in my possession. I tend to spend a lot of time writing long-form fiction (scifi, fantasy, horror, in no particular order), but I’ve never fancied myself as solely a “novelist” really. Truth be told, I love writing in general. And while I am drawn to telling long tales, I’ve also found immense pleasure in writing essays, collaborating with a good friend on a screenplay (that hopefully we’ll get to film some day), short stories and the occasional really bad poem.

On top everything listed above, I also enjoy blogging reviews of books, movies and technology (software/hardware). You can find all of that and other stuff that entertains me, on my blog right here on this site.

I’ve been really lucky to be published a few times as well! You can find my writing here:

  • In the July 2013 issue of The Magazine (issue 19). “Tiny Furniture”, you can check it out right here.
  • The Magazine also published my piece in “The Magazine: The Book”, a “best of” anthology drawing from pieces written and published during their first 12 months of publication. So if you want paper pages to turn versus digital, you can read more about the book itself here, or purchase the book right here.
  • I have also had other essays published on THE CLARION CONTENT.

I am also a Web Developer…

When I am not writing, I am helping people create web sites, both professionally and on a freelance level.

Professionally, I work in a web development team at Duke University creating Content Management Systems for their clinical trials. I’ve been there over 12 years now and it’s been quite the journey. I am grateful for the time they’ve given me and the team I work with. We produce a lot of exceptional work and I am proud of all we’ve accomplished and learned there.

As a freelancer, I focus on building WordPress sites for whoever needs them. Client-wise, I tend to gravitate towards independent creatives, but I also have worked with clients that range from non-profit companies to people who simply want a personal blog to write on.

Currently, I am working on revamping this tiny business of mine and I hope to have more on that soon. So please return, it’ll be in the top nav when it’s gets here. In the mean while, if you want to contact me to see if I’d be a good fit for a project you have in mind, feel free to hit the contact link above.

Maybe we can create something together!

Let’s Connect!

I am very active on Twitter and not as active on ADN and Google+ but do enjoy lurking and contributing to those spaces once and a while.